About Us

We are an organization that operates in Switzerland and around the world to ensure every child the protection of a family, a quality school and a community where they can grow and develop their potential.

Children can change the world. Change can come from them and benefit the families and communities in which they live only if their rights are guaranteed and recognized by adults.

That's why we strive, since 2014, to preserve their rights so that they can grow and realize their dreams.


Helpcode is a network of organizations with offices and projects in Italy, Switzerland, Libya, Tunisia, Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iraq, Cambodia and Nepal.

Our team is made up of 89 employees, 72 of whom are abroad. 92% of the staff working abroad are made up of local staff.

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Board of Directors

The control bodies of the Association are the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and the Auditor. The Board of Directors of Helpcode Switzerland is the supreme organ of the Association.

The assembly is composed of founder members and active members, the only ones having the right to vote.

The board approves the balance sheet and the annual report, as well as the report of the treasurer and the auditor. It establishes the annual membership fee and approves the budget.

The executive committee is composed of at least 3 members, elected by the general assembly for a period of 3 years, renewable at most twice. The members of the executive committee do not receive any remuneration; they have the duty to make decisions so that the association achieves its objectives and must ensure that their Statutes are respected.é.


At Helpcode, we believe that transparency is a fundamental and indispensable element for organizations like ours that operate in the areas of development cooperation and humanitarian emergencies. That's why we publish a social report every year in which we explain in detail how we used the funds received from public and private supporters.

We believe that this is an excellent opportunity to explain to all our supporters and friends how we use the donated money and to show them the commitment and passion that drives our activities.

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