About the project

In 2016, El Niño affected an estimated 1.5 million people (including 850,000 children) in Mozambique.
Due to the effects of El Niño, childhood malnutrition has reached worrying levels; approximately 15% of children under the age of 5 now suffer from severe acute malnutrition. This is accompanied by an alarming increase in school dropout rates, especially among girls.
We decided to intervene to help the population of Maputo Province and the districts of Moamba, Marracuene and Magude. There, we work to supply 35 communities affected by the drought with access to drinking water by restoring inactive sources, mapped based on information gathered in conjunction with local communities and authorities. Last year, we restored 38 water sources that can supply 28,815 people.
From the outset, we have also been working to provide a school cafeteria service in as many schools as possible, allowing us to offer at least one meal a day to boys and girls in these areas. In 2016, we extended our programme from 8 to 36 schools, reaching 7,869 pupils.

Our work continues to ensure that this intervention remains active and, in particular, to help small groups of local producers to begin farming again after two lost harvests.


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Where we work

Maputo Province, Mozambique


25.000 CHF


25.000 people

including 3,800 children
Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development
ICS Onlus

General objective
To increase access to drinking water in 35 communities, and to provide food security and access to education.

Specific objective
To restore 38 water sources in 3 districts of Maputo Province, strengthening the local emergency response system by improving the disaster preparedness of local institutions. To provide school meals for 3,800 children attending primary schools in 19 communities.

Expected results

The recovery of the local economy thanks to a revival in the agricultural sector. A reduction in the early school leaving rate and a fall in the percentage of children suffering from acute malnutrition.

Project Partners
Associazione Solidarietà e sviluppo (AseS)
Istituto OIKOS