Child sponsoring

Offer a future that yesterday did not exist to all the little girls and boys in the world.


Sponsor a child. Take the path to happiness. For you, as well as for them.

With child sponsorship, you will immediately understand how important you are to a Nepalese, Cambodian, Congolese or Mozambican child.

The little girl or boy will be able to go to a school that has clean water and toilets that work.
If it rains hard, especially during the monsoon, this child will be able to stay safe with his friends in the large room that you will help us build.

With no more than one franc per day and 30 francs per month, you can secure the future of a child in Mozambique and Nepal.
1 franc per day to build a future that, yesterday, did not exist, alongside us.

Concrete actions give birth to heart-warming stories.

“After years of estrangement from her family, Rose was able to reconnect with her parents. Sonia, incredulous, proudly displays her diploma. Esther can now go to school without having to take full-time care of her younger brothers and sisters. In Cambodia, we are fighting against unbridled pollution which is even affecting schools. In Nepal, we provide our support to the Chepang, one of the most marginalized ethnic groups in the country.“

The beginnings of a relationship

Thanks to child sponsorship, you will be an agent of change.

You will be able to follow the development of the situation as closely as possible, step by step.
You will regularly receive news, letters and drawings from the child you sponsor.
You can write to him and maybe even visit him one day. Child sponsorship is none other than the beginning of a relationship, of a path towards discovering others, their needs but also, and above all, their dreams. By sponsoring, you discover a child’s world and grow together.

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The created value

In recent years, thousands of children, families and communities have benefited from tangible benefits through child sponsorship. More than 1,000,000 children have received real support which has helped improve their living conditions.

Our commitment begins with a dialogue with communities in order to better understand the needs of the population and propose solutions adapted to the context.

Become a sponsor with 30 CHF per month

You can help offer a better future to a little girl or boy in Nepal or Mozambique by becoming a godfather, theirs.

Child sponsoring

Request more information

If you would like to know more about child sponsorship, do not hesitate to contact our donor department on 022 784 0340.