Children in danger

64 million children worldwide currently have no access to any form of education.

For many of them, this means a life on the streets, without protection, without a future, exposed to the risks of abuse, violence, forced recruitment, early marriage, malnutrition and disease.


Safe children

In Mozambique, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Cambodia, school is the solution to keeping children safe:

  • it’s a safe place where they can spend hours together studying and playing
  • they can be taken care of at the health level by receiving vaccines, primary health care and psychological assistance
  • the school canteen allows each child to receive a hot and nutritious meal, often the only one of the day
  • Getting an education is the best way to give children the tools to lift themselves out of extreme poverty.

#sortonslesdelarue together

With your support, we can fight against chronic poverty that leads to absenteeism and school dropouts.

Together, we will help the most deprived families to pay school fees and meet the costs of purchasing school materials and compulsory uniforms.

Together we will build wells in schools and ensure hot, nutritious meals in canteens.


Become a regular donor with 20 CHF per month

You can support the future of many girls and boys by guaranteeing them education, security and adequate nutrition.

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