About the project

In the days following the earthquake that struck central Italy on 24th August 2016, we mobilised alongside the Italian Civil Protection Department, employing our knowledge and skills to support the children of Acquasanta Terme and their families.

The solidarity and empathy shown by private donors and businesses allowed us to offer a cafeteria service for the 2016/17 school year, and this service will continue in 2017/18. This is a major helping hand for families who no longer have to worry about this burden at a very difficult time when many are struggling financially.

Thanks to the money raised, and in conjunction with the Municipality of Acquasanta Terme, we have launched a call for funding applications to support artisan businesses and workers in the municipality. The aim is to help production to resume and recover, starting with SMEs in the food and agriculture sectors and focusing on purchases of goods and services to ensure that businesses maintain and increase their trade in a sustainable manner. We want to create new opportunities for trade, professional specialisations, job placements and the promotion of traditional food products as part of the local tourist trade. The aim is to lay the foundations for the area to regenerate.

Among small-scale producers, there has been an enormous amount of interest in the call for funding applications. Just after the earthquake, the priority was supporting children and schools; it is now time to support the recovery of the local economy. Once again, our project has been developed in accordance with the authorities and the local population in order to ensure that it best represents the real needs of the area.

The Marche region is struggling to get back on its feet. Its inhabitants are still in need and face many problems. Other sectors of the economy require a concerted effort in order to recover and become competitive once again.


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Where we work

Acquasanta Terme, Ascoli Piceno, Italy


60.000 CHF


135 girls and boys attending Acquasanta Terme School

3,000 inhabitants

Private donors
Association of Italian free colonies of Bex, Aigle e Monthey

General objective
To protect children and support the post-earthquake economic recovery of the areas of central Italy affected by the disaster.

Specific objective
To provide a school cafeteria service for girls and boys in the municipality of Acquasanta Terme (province of Ascoli Piceno) and to support the recovery of the area's production chain .

Expected results

The economic recovery of the area's main production sectors. The project has already provided a school cafeteria service for the 16/17 and 17/18 school years for all children in the municipality of Acquasanta Terme.

Project Partners
Civil Protection Department
Comune di Acquasanta Terme (AP)