After you, to continue to give a future to children around the world.

Do you want to help children and continue to ensure a future for them even after you pass away?

A mention in your will in the form of a legacy or inheritance shares allows you to carry out your wishes.

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Why make a will?

A will ensures the execution of your last wishes. This gesture allows you to register or extend over time your commitment to the Helpcode cause.

A will is not final. You are free to change it at any time.

How to make a will?

In Switzerland, a text written by you and which includes the date, place and your signature is considered a valid will.

However, we advise you to consult a professional (notary, lawyer, banker or fiduciary agent) who will inform you about the procedure to follow in order to draw up a will that complies with the law and your wishes.

If you wish, you can contact and get advice from one of our experts. Click here to make an appointment at your convenience, by phone or online.

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What is the difference between a share of inheritance and a legacy?

There are two ways to establish a person or an institution in your will: the first by a bequest, the second by the allocation of an inheritance share.

Legacy by Will: You leave a certain amount in your will, e.g. ex. CHF 5,000.-, or a private property. The beneficiary is not an heir but receives as legatee the amount or property designated by you in your inheritance.

Inheritance share: The beneficiary is established as heir in your will for a specific part of your estate, i.e. the inheritance share. The beneficiary thus becomes part of the community of heirs and receives the portion of your inheritance that you have designated.

How do I leave a legacy to Helpcode?

In order for your bequest to reach us, it is imperative that the name and address of Helpcode Switzerland appear on your will.

If, through a bequest or an inheritance share, you establish Helpcode Switzerland in your will:

  • we are committed to using your donations according to the mission and values of Helpcode for the benefit of people in need.
  • We guarantee you the discretion and professional secrecy of your data.
  • this amount will be exempt from inheritance tax and will be allocated directly to social activities.

Are you interested in making a legacy or inheritance contribution to our organization?

Chiara will be happy to advise you on your efforts. You can contact her at 078 78 39412 or by email at

Through our partner, Dein Adieu, you can easily create a fully-fledged will valid for the law.

Here, to create a will template and include Helpcode Switzerland