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To enable everyone to fully express their potential, it is necessary to act to remove the obstacles that prevent them from doing so where they are present.


We have been active in Cambodia since 2006 with 40 projects in the provinces of Sihanoukville, Kampot and Kandal. We prioritize children in all our activities, which aim to promote the socio-economic development of the country.

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In recent years, the theme of children at risk has also become relevant in a country like Italy, where we are present with offices in Genoa.


In 2017, we decided to operate in Libya. The serious humanitarian situation led us to work in a country where the civilian population is suffering the heavy consequences of a prolonged political crisis.

Emergenza Sanitaria in Libia


We have been present in Mozambique since 1988. This is the first country where we have carried out actions to defend the right to be children. Today, we are present in approximately 144 communities in the provinces of Maputo, Sofala and Inhambane.


We have been present in Nepal since 2003 where we are active in 42 villages located in the districts of Chitwan, Makwanpur, Kathmandu and Lalitpur. Our actions aim to improve the living conditions of children living in the most remote areas of the country. We also work to ensure the human rights of women victims of the civil war and to support those affected by the terrible earthquake of 2015.

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Repubblica Democratica del Congo 11

Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has long been affected by conflict and political instability, and authorities have struggled to meet the basic needs of the population. In recent years, the country has repeatedly been the scene of complex and widespread violence, which has mainly affected civilians. It is children who suffer the most severe consequences of this situation.


Yemen is currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. The conflict, which began in 2015, coupled with a series of natural disasters and health crises, has dragged the country towards total collapse.


Since its founding in 2014, Helpcode Switzerland has organized awareness-raising activities on intervention themes such as gender equality, child protection and education.